Google Opinion Rewards – Answer Surveys and Earn Free Play Credit

Google Opinion Rewards
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Google Opinion rewards is an android only app developed by google, it is an survey app that pay incentive to user for completing small surveys.

Google opinion reward app, gives out free google play credit as incentive after completing survey’s, this google play credit can be use to purchase anything from play store including Android app, Clash of clans gems, Books, Games, Movies there is no restriction to use of google play credit what soever.

How To Install & Get Free Rewards With Google Opinion Rewards India ?

  • Download Google opinion rewards app
  • Open the app and enter your Name and Zipcode
  • Now answers the signup survey carefully.
  • After this, wait for approval of your account.

User’s will get a notification when there account is approved, so don’t uninstall this app, after that you will receive surveys from google, each survey will be live for 24 hours only, so if you miss it you won’t get any rewards.

You will get a minimum of Rs 10 per survey once approved but remember, approval of account is not guaranteed generally it depends on your location and income group.

Tips & Tricks

There’s a trick about earning the most money possible with this app and I’m going to share it with you so you can earn more money too.

Most of the surveys you get will be about stores or businesses that you recently visited. For this you need to allow the app to access your location. If your location services are disabled it won’t know that you have visited a store.

You don’t have to make any purchases to open a survey. Even if you don’t buy anything and you just walked around a store that could be enough.

So naturally the more you are out and about town running errands the better shot you have of unlocking new survey opportunities.

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