How to add Google Analytics to WordPress Website

How to add Google Analytics to WordPress
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How to add Google Analytics to WordPress Website

How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress Website : The first thing that you should do after launching your WordPress website or blog is to add Google Analytics. Google Analytics gives you data about your audience. You should know their behaviour, and this knowledge is crucial for the growth of your website.

Google Analytics is free to use, and deployment is an effortless, one-time operation if you are doing it the right way. Doing it the wrong way will complicate your life. I see that many bloggers are using the complicated method of adding Google Analytics and suggesting the same.

I will show you in this blog post how you can add Google Analytics on your website or blog, even without having a Google Analytics account beforehand. No lengthy process and no computer copying, just a few clicks and you are done.

Before we discuss the process of adding Google Analytics, let me explain what Google Analytics is and how important it is.

What is Google Analytics?

Traffic for your blog is a lifeline, and your goal is to get traffic to your blog and turn it to subscribers or buyers.

The first move is to get the traffic to your site. The next step for you is to figure out how they communicate, which page brings more traffic, how long they stay, from which location traffic is coming and so on. Google Analytics which is a free service by Google provides you with all this information.

Google Analytics is a web analytic launched by Google in November 2005 and has been helping webmasters view their web traffic reports since then. This provides you with a JavaScript file that will run on each page of your website once you install it on your server, so you can monitor user activity on your pages.

How to add Google Analytics to WordPress Website

It was challenging at one time to install the Google Analytics code on the WordPress Blog. To do the job, bloggers hired a developer. Indeed, I have been trying for hours to find the best way out.

However, Google Analytics is now easy to install on a WordPress website or blog. Since Google launched the plugin Site Kit, even if you do not hava a Google Analytics account, it is just a few clicks away.

How to Create Google Analytics Account

The first step to install the code is to have a Google Analytics Account.

Go to

How to add Google Analytics to WordPress Website - Create Google Analytics account

Enter your Google credential and click next. You can create one if you do not have a Google account. If you have a Gmail ID, you can use it to create your Google Analytics account.

Create Google analytics account

You will see a welcome screen. Click on “Set up for free” Button

Create Account - Google analytics

Here you can enter your account information, such as the name of your account. Fill it in and press Next.

How to add Google analytics to WordPress Website - Create Account

Now enter the name of your website, URL (make sure it is https:/), industry category, time zone, and then click “Create.”

Then agree to the Google Terms and Conditions. When you do that, your account is ready, and your tracking code will appear.

Create Google Analytics Account

I suggest that you copy this code and keep this window open.

The Google Analytics account is ready and we are going to discuss how you can install it on your WordPress site.

How to add Google analytics to WordPress Website :

Google Analytics can be integrated to WordPress by using this plugins

1. Google Site Kit – How to add Google Analytics to WordPress Website

Site Kit is Google’s plugin to connect and view your traffic in your WordPress dashboard. This plugin was announced in WordCamp U.S. in 2018. The developer edition was made available in June 2019 and was updated for all users in the first quarter of 2020. It currently has over 300,000 active installations.

It is easy to install the Site Kit.

How to add Google Analytics to WordPress Website using Site Kit

Go to your W.P. Admin Dashboard, click on Plugin → “Add New.”

How to add Google analytics to WordPress - Sitekit

Enter Site Kit, in the search bar. Site Kit will show up; install and activate it.

Install site kit plugin

After activation, click the “Start Setup” button.

Activate Site kit Plugin

Your setup will start, and a new tab will show you the following page.

How to add Google analytics to WordPress Website - Site kit plugin

With the same password you used to build your Google Analytics account, you can sign in here. Please note that if you haven’t created a Google Analytics account, it’s okay; it’s created for you by Site Kit.

Just log in using your Gmail I d, and your Analytics account will be created. I didn’t create the account for Google Analytics; I used the Site Kit to do it for myself. The whole process was smooth.

How to add Google analytics to WordPress Website - site kit plugin

Click on the Account ID, you will see the following window

Activate Site kit

Google will inform you about the data the Site Kit will see. Allow it to be.

Activate Site kit Plugin

Click on “Proceed.”

Activate Site kit Plugin

The site has now been verified. Click “Allow,” button.

Set up site kit Plugin

You are linked to your Google Analytics Account and can connect to your Google Search Console if you wish.

Click the “Add site” button to do that.

How to add Google analytics to WordPress Website - site kit plugin

As soon as you click, it will connect to your Google Search Console in less than a second and you will receive the above message. Now click on “Go to my Dashboard”

Site Kit – How to add Google analytics to WordPress Website

Set up site kit plugin

Once you press “ Allow, ”you will be taken to the WordPress Admin dashboard. Make sure all settings are right. To complete the setup click “Configure Analytics.”

How to add Google analytics to WordPress Website - site kit plugin

Now your Google Analytics account and your Google Search Console are connected to your WordPress Website, and you can see your traffic data right inside your WordPress admin. You can see the green arrows of the connected service. If you do not connect any of these services, click again, and the matter will be resolved.

Please be aware that the Site Kit first can link to the Google Search Console and then you will be required to select a Google Analytics connection. Tap on the Google Analytics link from the Site Kit panel of the Website and Google Analytics will be conveniently linked with one or two clicks.

Open the administration panel of your site kit and customize with just a few clicks your AdSense Account and PageSpeed Insights.

Site Kit is currently available for six Google services.

Google Services:

  • 1. Google Analytics
  • 2. Google Search Console
  • 3. Google AdSense
  • 4. PageSpeed Insights
  • 5. Optimize
  • 6. Tag Manager

These services can be connected and disconnected from the Site Kit settings.

You’ve seen how easy Google Analytics code is to install on your WordPress website. This plugin has been developed by Google itself so the code quality of this plugin is unquestionable.

2. Insert Headers and Footers – How to add Google Analytics to WordPress Website

This is a popular plugin that has been installed on over one million WordPress sites.

Install the plugin “Add Headers and Footers.” After installation, turn on the plugin, then go to Settings

Paste the Google Analytics code you saved while creating your Google Analytics account, as shown in the following image:

Ho to add Google analytics to WordPress Website - Monster Insights.

Save the settings, and you are done. To see your website traffic data go to the Google Analytics site and enter your account. This plugin does not show any traffic report in your WordPress Admin dashboard.

3. Monster Insights – How to add Google Analytics to WordPress Website

Monster Insights is a premium plugin.

This plugin helps you to install the Google Analytics code same as Site Kit. MonsterInsights comes in both a free and premium version. Please note this plugin does not allow you to build a Google Analytics account, it only helps you to connect to your blog with Google Analytics.

I used the free version and found its features very limited. The premium version is however useful and offers more in-depth reports than the Google Site Kit. I recommend you use this app, if you’re a data analyst.

This plugin has been built on WordPress blogs of more than two million.

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