How To Make Money Online – A Complete Guide

How to make money online
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How To Make Money Online?

How to make money online – There are many ways to make money online that’s easy to use. The only problem is knowing how to use it and having time to work for your money. There are many online scams that show ways to make money that isn’t legit.

Here are some of the legitimate ways I find interesting that are simple. Here the points are quite briefly clarified to give you something to begin with.

1. Blogging – How to make money online by Blogging

The best way to make money online is with a blog.

Via blogging, hundreds of thousands earn money each day.

You don’t need much money & time to start a blog. It takes only 15 minutes.

Once you start your blog you can go plenty of ways to make money online such as:

How to make money from Blogging – Read complete Guide You shouldn’t see starting a blog as something you don’t want to do. Actually, it should always be something you enjoy to start a blog. So you will not have to see it as a horrific task with which you just want to finish.

How to start a blog?

Click the link below for step by step instructions on how to start a blog.

Who should launch a blog?

Virtually every living person should have his own blog. Whether you want to express your views, make money or just write about what you love. If you’re a company person or want to become an entrepreneur, you should probably have a blog.

It is 2020, so you’ll waste a lot of time if you’re not online!

Please note that blogging can be an extremely powerful tool for influencing people before you start.

Don’t use it for the wrong purpose or try to scam people.

Too many users are on the internet.

The only thing I am asking you to do, instead, is to give back after you learn these lessons from us.

Let’s go! So let’s go!

What blog tool are you going to use?

WordPress I also suggest.

It is simple to use, reliable and very versatile. You can use it for any organization.

Yeah, you can launch a blog on a free website, like Blogger or Tumblr, but you won’t be taken seriously by anyone.

What is your blog about?

You will talk a lot about your blog. From children’s toys to modern cars. You probably go to the niche if you’re curious about something.

Make a blog, send people valuable information and you’re going to get profitable!

How to launch a blog? – it’s very easy

STEP 1. Select a good domain name

You want a domain name that you or your company would represent during your journey.

You need to pick a domain name that will be easy to recall, easy to spell and most importantly reflects you. I Prefer Bluehost for domain name registration. When choosing a BlueHost domain name, all you do is see if what you want is available, and then select it. It’s all part of the service with BlueHost.

STEP 2. Select a good hosting

What is a hosting?

Let’s put it this way – you will never create a website without a hosting. A hosting is the base of your website. That is why it is important to choose a good hosting.

For a very low price you can start your own blog.

Indeed, the fact is – there are free sites where you can make your own blog such as blogger / blogspot. But, the problem with them is that they broke sometimes, they can’t be SEO optimized and you are stuck with their bland themes.

Nobody takes you with a free blog seriously.

I always recommend BlueHost because of their excellent support and fast service.

STEP 3. Install WordPress

It is the program that will help you run your website.

You want to choose WordPress for this part.

Once again, there’s a reason we ‘re going to choose BlueHost.

In just a few taps, BlueHost helps you to quickly install wordpress easily.

Why WordPress, huh?

It’s being used by millions of people. WordPress is fast, reliable and easy to handle.

No other system is as good as WordPress.

You ‘re nearly there! You received the login details for your website when you purchased your WordPress hosting and can use them to login.

After the setup of WordPress, you are able to customize the look of your blog to make it your own and begin blogging.

2. Online Paid Surveys – How to make money online from Paid surveys

If you’re looking for an easy way to make money online today, then taking surveys is the way to go. However, with so many online survey choices available out there, which is the right one? So, we have come up with a quick summary of the top 14 survey companies.

Paid Viewpoint surveys - make money online

PaidViewpoint is a website for online surveys which allows you to earn Paypal cash and gift cards for online surveys. PaidViewpoint is operated by, and AYTM revolutionizes the market research industry with your assistance, making high quality market data available and inexpensive for big and small business all over the world.

How to make money online from Paid Viewpoint

PaidViewpoint is going to pay you for every survey you take. They are usually worth between $0.03 and $0.10. Each survey will add to your ‘TrustScore.’ It is a set of points that motivates you to become involved. As the TrustScore is higher, you will get more surveys and more money per survey. You need 9000 points for highest membership level. They promise that their surveys will be interesting and short.

You can also make some money through a referral program. You’ll get 20% of what your referrals earn every time they take a Biz survey, up to $25. Your referrals are not going to get reduced rewards, as your 20 percent bonus is an extra profit.

The minimum payment is $15. You can withdraw your money from your PayPal account and it usually takes up to 72 hours. It may take a while, of course, to pile up enough money to cash out.


YouGov - make money online

YouGov is one of the world’s largest survey firms worldwide, with an incredible 6 million members. They issue a series of syndicated surveys, such as the annual Wealth & Affluence Global Survey, which provides detailed market insights across a variety of business sectors. Their portfolio of proprietary data items includes: BrandIndex, the daily brand awareness tracker; YouGov Omnibus, the easiest, most cost-effective way to get responses from both regional and curated samples; Pulse, which monitors real online customer activity through laptops, smartphones , and tablets; and YouGov Profiles, a social media strategy, segmentation, and forecasting device.

How to make money online from YouGov

Sign Up Bonus!

Join the online panel of YouGov and get rewarded for participating in online surveys. As a sign-up bonus, you’ll get your first 100 points for taking a very short, 3-minute, welcome survey.

Compensation Per Survey

The majority of surveys are given between 300 and 500 points; as long as the survey, the more points are generally awarded. 1,400 points is equivalent to $1.00. Rewards are for gift cards, which vary from country to country. In the United States, the minimum is 35,000, which is equivalent to a $15 gift card. The first survey you take after registration is worth 2,000 points, which will help you on your way to get your first reward.

Payments & Rewards

YouGov provides members with a number of ways of redemption, which differ between countries. In some countries cash payments granted via PayPal, and gift cards are provided in most countries. Amazon, Best Buy, iTunes, Walmart and more are part of retailers. Branded goods from youGov are also available.

3).Toluna Surveys

Toluna - online

Toluna is a paid survey community managed by the market research firm Toluna Group that employs technology to gather insights from the market for companies of varying sizes.

Toluna is a viable choice for people who want to be paid for surveys.

Toluna is undoubtedly one of the world’s most successful survey sites, with a large user base and an appealing customer portfolio.

How to make money online from Toluna surveys

Like other paid survey platforms, Toluna rewards its users for taking part in different online activities.

Joining Toluna is totally free, just like other survey sites. Infact Toluna Rewards 500 points as joining bonus.

Although it focuses primarily on surveys, there are a variety of ways to make money on the site.

Toluna credits 1000 – 4000 points for each successful survey.

Points can be exchanged with items from popular shops, or by cash directly.


Swag bucks - make money online

Swagbucks is more or less the definition of ‘easy money.’ While it doesn’t promise to bring in big money, it’s easy to earn points from watching videos to completing short surveys. It’s all from your sofa.

You can start earning points immediately after creating your free account which can be exchanged for cash or rewards.

Essentially, Swagbucks is a portal that offers reward points to users for doing simple online tasks such as searching the web, watching videos, and completing surveys.

How to make money online from Swagbucks

At Swagbucks you will be paid in points (‘SBs’) and can then be exchanged for gift cards or cash. There’s also an option to transfer points straight into your PayPal account as cash.

5).The Panel Station

The Panel Station is a consumer online community that regularly shares views and opinions with consumers through market research surveys on a variety of issues. Members of the Panel Station influence decision-making in organizations around the world and lead to better products and services by engaging in these surveys.

How to make money online from The Panel Station

Like many other survey sites, the Panel Station uses a point-based rewards system. Before joining the survey, the number of points for successful completion will be presented to the members. Again, this value will range from 100 to 5,000 points depending on the length of surveys. These points can then be collected and redeemed via PayPal, Amazon Gift Cards & Retail e-vouchers.

Currently the minimum number of points needed to redeem your rewards is 3,000, and the cash equivalent is around AUD 6.5.

Use my referral code I3MCBS while filling out the registration form on The Panel Station and win your starting bonus of 500 points.

6).LifePoints Panel

LifePoints is a market research company that provides businesses with consumer insights on their products. The data they collect helps companies provide better products and customer service.

For customers, it’s an interesting and engaging way to get paid for their opinion

How to make money online from LifePoints Panel

LifePoints operates on points that can be exchanged for money or gift cards, as with most paid surveys. You win these rewards by taking part in surveys, games and other platform interactions.

7). Opinion Bureau

Opinion  Bureau

Opinion Bureau is a survey and opinion site that rewards viewers for completing questionnaires and other tasks; the points may then be redeemed for cash or other rewards.

The knowledge obtained from these surveys is then used for market analysis and product development by companies and enterprises. Users can complete a number of surveys, and on this platform, there are many chances of earning.

How to make money online from Opinion Bureau

All new members will benefit from a Rs $5 bonus for creating an account. Participants from around the world will participate, but your geographic position can decide the number of surveys you are eligible for.

In general, payment is usually between $2 and $10 per survey, depending on the survey length and the time that the user takes to complete the survey.

The minimum requirement for cashing out is $10, and a number of methods are available, albeit less robust than some places are.

Cash on your PayPal account or an Amazon Gift Card is the most popular type of payment, but there are also options for gift cards such as a Starbucks, Flipkart, or Freecharge.

8).Telly pulse

Previously, Telly pulse survey panel was known as the India Star panel survey panel. It is one of India ‘s leading survey panel networks. India is now an evolving market, with multinational business in India. There is a great need for market research in world businesses to consider the needs of Indians. For this reason, the panelist has great potential to earn some rewards through taking part in market research and providing the brands with honest and valuable information.

Telly pulse is a leading panel on market analysis. The platform is increasing popularity amongst survey panelists. The brand name, the wide range of incentive choices and the timely payment to members are key points for the performance of Telly pulse panel.

How to make money online from Telly Pulse

Star panel does not award cash for completing surveys but they pay you with Flipkart and Big Cinemas e-gift vouchers.

When you obtain 105 INR/525 INR you will be able to redeem your points to Flipkart’s e-gift voucher. This voucher can be used to buy something online at Flipkart.

9). Surveytime

Surveytime - Make money online – a worldwide mobile ad-tech company, operates survey time to deliver direct, exclusive surveys with the world’s leading market research companies. It is the only survey panel which provides users with instant surveys with real instant benefits.

How to make money online from Surveytime

There are no complex point structures to work out with Surveytime. Once you complete your survey, you will receive an immediate $1 reward to your e-mail address (from the reward options available). There is no waiting for points to be accepted or for payment – everything is instant!

Surveytime provides immediate payment of highly attractive incentives. Those include PayPal cash transfers, bitcoin purchases made via Coinbase, Amazon e-vouchers, and e-gift cards to stores including Walmart , Target, and more. Note that the incentive choices will differ by region.

10).India Speaks

India Speaks - Make money online

India Speaks is the first survey panel in India, operated by AbsolutData Research & Analytics, which offers surveys of different types of age, employment, individual and demographics. India Speaks are exceptional as they have different language capabilities and can touch surveying interviewees in all major Indian metros. They take opinions via, phone@web, face2face and more to convey your views. Panelists from a range of backgrounds such as IT, entrepreneurs, pensioners, teachers, homemakers and many more.

How to make money online from India Speaks

India Speaks understands that your time is precious, and makes up for it! You will be awarded anywhere between 20 and 2000 points each time you complete a survey and may also be entered into monthly sweepstakes. Each single point is equivalent to Re 1/-. Once you collect 200 points or more, you can redeem them for Demand drafts, Mobile recharge, Retail Gift vouchers & Loyalty cards.


Cinchbucks is a popular and leading GPT (Get paid to) website, trusted by more than 1 million happy users around the world. It’s a subsidiary of Cinch Data Solutions Pvt Ltd. which is a leader in gathering customer opinions around the world. It provides you with free cash and gift cards for the everyday things you already do online. By taking surveys, watching entertaining videos and completing easy tasks, you can earn CB’s points.

As a Cinchbucks user, you are part of a cinchbucks online community that represents consumers and households nationwide. Your opinion is very valuable to many companies. The opinions which you shared with cinchbucks helps the companies to predict which products will be developed and which may not.

Cinchbucks Lifetime Referral Program:

It’s one of the best and most rewarding sections. If you have some influencer power or a huge fan base, you can make a passive income out of it. You can earn up to 20% of a lifetime of what your referrals earn for a lifetime. Cinchbucks is offering a 20 percent lifetime referral program. By joining, you can make a constant monthly income.

How to make money online from Cinchbucks

Cinchbucks provides multiple promotional codes for obtaining free CB points. You will gain 50 CB free points when you sign up for the first time. Just type ‘CBLAUNCH’ in the CB-code menu. You will find the CB code option in your navigation bar. CB promo codes are frequently shared on their social media sites and forums.

Paid surveys are the perfect way to make money out of chinchbucks. You can gain up to 300CB in 15 minutes.

By watching videos & playing games on Cinchbucks, you also earn CB points.

1 CB is worth 1 cent, and so 100 CB equals $1. If you earn $5 (500CBs) in your account, you are able to redeem your points.

You can use PayPal, Payza, Bitcoin, Visa and Master cards and a range of gift cards such as Amazon , Walmart, Target and so on to redeem your CB’s points.

12).Treasure Trooper

Treasure Trooper - Make money online

Treasure Trooper is a unique Indiana Jones like feeling GPT website. Members can win rewards for shopping, complete deals, take surveys and complete assignments, and referring friends just like other paid sites. All these are on a somewhat ‘gamified’ platform, with jungle, treasure maps, dragons and more like cartoon imagery or comic-style images.

By using TreasureTrooper you can make money online for completing offers, shopping online, completing surveys, completing tasks & referring friends.

How to make money online from Treasure Trooper

The amount you earn depends on the amount of work every day you do. Each task has its corresponding payouts — from as low as $0.50 to as high as $50.

Once you have made an offer or survey, the site will first verify and approve its completion before crediting the cash payment to your account. You can see your cumulative earnings for the current month on your “My Treasure” account.

You can request instant payment from the site once your cash balance has reached a minimum of $20. You will be paid via check or PayPal. While transactions with PayPal may take seconds, bank checks may take longer to process.


YSense is a GPT (get-paid-to) website that allows you to make money online through surveys, doing tasks, shopping,referring friends and more. You will be rewarded with cash for each successful task you complete.

In collaboration with some of the largest market research firms, ySense provided their members with a wide variety of online surveys. There are regular survey routers and new surveys are posted on the website every day.

The website publishes new tasks every day. These are usually things like conducting surveys and performing research work on the internet. Get a $5 bonus for every $50 of tasks you complete, and take part in weekly competitions where you can earn even bigger bonuses.

How to make money online from ySense

You will be paid through gift cards, Payoneer, Skrill, PayPal or Reward links. The minimum balance of account needed to redeem the prizes can vary according to reward. A minimum wallet balance of $3-$5 is required to cash out rewards including an Amazon gift card, apple gift card, etc. Skrill payments start at $5, Reward Links start at $10, etc.

If you prefer cash, you can redeem the balance of your ySense account for payment by PayPal. Payments take a few days to process, and are either given in US dollars or in your own local currency. The minimum balance of cash required for a PayPal payment may vary depending on the currency of your redemption, but usually starts at $10.00.

14).Survey Savvy

Survey Savvy - Make money online

Survey Savvy is a online paid surveys website. The site allows users to share their thoughts and suggestions through surveys on different products and services. The knowledge it gathers through the surveys is used to help brands as well as company owners and marketing firms come up with new products and improve their promotions and advertisement campaigns.

SurveySavvy pays atleast $3 for each survey. It’s important to remember that the length of a survey is equivalent to how much money you ‘re going to receive. Longer surveys will win you $20 up. SurveySavvy pays its members in US dollars, unlike most other paid survey platforms that use a point system to compensate their members.

SurveySavvy is offering its members a generous two tiered referral program. You ‘re only going to earn a portion of the earnings from your direct referrals, but you’re also going to get rewarded with a portion of the survey earned from your referral’s referrals.

How to make money online from Survey Savvy

SurveySavvy does not use a complex scheme of points such as other paid survey sites. Each survey you complete will be for a dollar amount, and when you start collecting money, you can request payment via check, and SurveySavvy will send it via email. Checks are delivered in US dollars to members worldwide. The minimum amount required to apply for a payment is $1.

3. Referring Apps & Websites – How to make money online by Referrring Apps & Websites

One of the easiest ways to make money online is to refer your friends to Apps & Websites that pay referral commission. That’s how most bloggers make a living. 

Here is a list of Apps & Websites that pay commission for every friend you refer.


PhonePe - Make money online

PhonePe is an app for payments to recharge your mobile phone, pay all your bills and even make immediate payments on the favorite offline and in-line businesses using BHIM UPI, credit card and debitcard or wallet.

A very good referral program is now running PhonePe. You will get Rs.100 for every successful refferal.

Follow the given below steps to make money online using PhonePe referral program.

How to make money online from PhonePe

To register successfully with the Phonepe App, please follow the following steps:

  • To start with, Download the App here
    • No additional reference code for Phonepe is needed. To get cashback deals, just download the app using the Phonepe referral link.
  • Open Phonepe App and press Enter Now
  • Enter the name, email ID etc. and tap Continue to build a Phonepe Account
  • Now pick your main SIM Card (If dual SIM Phone) in which you have a bank account connected to it.
  • After successful Registration, Tap Add Bank > > Choose Bank > > Validate Mobile Number > > Choose and enter all necessary information step by step.
  • That’s all using a valid Referral Link, you created a new account on Phonpe App.
  • Now send min 100 Rs via UPI to another Phonepe user and you’ll be getting a scratch card. You can receive any amount in that, or cashback deals.

PhonePe Refer and Earn offer

  • You get Rs100 when your friend
    • Use your Phonepe referral code / link to download the app.
    • Link his bank account
    • Next send money to other Phonepe Users or Phonepe UPI Address via UPI.
  • Offer works on both iOS devices and Android devices.
  • Referred users who connect more than one bank account will only receive the cashback once.

Download PhonePe

2).Google Pay (Tez)

Google Pay - Make money online

Google Pay (Tez) is a simple and secure payments app

By using Google Pay you can send money to friends, pay bills and buy online, recharge your phone, or pay at the nearby café with Google Pay, a simple and secure payments app by Google.

Google Pay is now running a very good referral program. You will get Rs.81 for every successful refferal.

Follow the given below steps to make money online using Google Pay referral program.

How to make money online from Google Pay

  • First of all, Download App here. Enter referral code Fb4xD if it prompts. But where to enter this code??
    • it’s simple. Just tap the 3 dots in the top right corner of the Google Pay app, and click on the choice ‘referral code.’
  • Now open Google Pay and enter your mobile number. Make sure that all of your bank account is already connected to the number you received.
  • After adding mob number, Google Pay will start searching for the bank accounts and it will show you on the screen. Pick the one you wish to configure to make & receive payments by default.
  • Once the above step is over, start sending money or try making payment from Google Pay.
  • You can send money or transact on Google Pay to receive referral amount.
  • As soon as you complete your first transaction, you get RS 21 bonus!

Google Pay Refer and Earn offer

  • Now head over to the app’s homepage and swipe upwards until you see two options:
    • Rewards
    • Offers
  • You have to select Offers option.
  • On the next page, you will see the Google Pay Refer & Earn Offer.
    • It says: Invite your friends to use Google Pay. If your friend sends out their first payment you will receive Rs 81.
  • Just click on the invite friends and write down the referral link. Share using whatsapp, instant messaging, or any other way you ‘re comfortable with.
  • Your friend will have to download Tez from your link and make some payment using UPI.
  • As soon as your friend complete first transaction, you will get Rs 81.

Google Pay Referral Code : Fb4xD

Download Google Pay

3).Roz Dhan

Roz Dhan - Make money online

Roz Dhan is the Best Earning App that also offers entertainment and daily news content. You can earn Money by Registration, Regular Check-in, Walking, Inviting Friends, Playing Games taking surveys and downloading apps.

This Money Earning app rewards you Rs 50 on sign up. You can browse personal loan deals, shopping offers and other services as well. Roz Dhan is one of the top online financial income apps that you earn regular Paytm Cash from over 12 categories.

Roz Dhan has an outstanding referral program in place now. For every positive refferal, you earn Rs.5.

How to make money online from Roz Dhan

  • First of all, Download App here.
  • You will get Rs.25 on sign up.
  • Now enter invitation code : 0CE1PK when it prompts. Now you will get Rs.25 for entering Invitation code. So total you get Rs.50 for just downloading and signing up this App.
  • After updating your profile go to invite friends section. You can invite friends using Whatsapp.
  • Now ask your friends to download App using your referral link & enter your invitation code when it prompts.
  • You will get Rs.5 for every successful Refferal.

Roz Dhan Invitation Code : 0CE1PK

Download Roz Dhan


Qureka - Make money online

Qureka is a live quiz-application. You need to answer at least 10 of the 11 questions correctly. The prize money is announced before the quiz starts.

The money is going to be divided by all winners. This is a popular way online to make money. And by inviting your mates, you can also earn money. You get Rs. 15 for every referral.

They will pay you 50 per cent of the earnings of your partner as well. For instance, if your friend received Rs. 1000 then you’ll get Rs. 500. So, it’s one of the best money-earning apps.

To get instant cash bonus after installing the app, enter my referral code VISWAN272327.

Qureka Referral code : VISWAN272327

Download Qureka


Check your credit score for free on the CreditMantri App and invite your mates to make free Paytm cash. For every 3 friends you invite, you’ll receive 100 Rs Paytm . You can Invite any number of friends, no maximum limit.

How to make money online from CreditMantri

  • Click here to visit CreditMantri
  • Type your Mobile phone, and verify by OTP.
  • Now enter all required information such as Email ID, PAN Card etc.
  • You’ll see your Credit Score after submitting all your information.
  • Go to Menu > > Refer & earn > > get your own referall link
  • Now share your Referral link with friends, and if 3 friends check their credit score, you will receive 100Rs Paytm cash.
  • No maximum referral limit, if you invite 100 friends, you’ll get 3000 Rs Paytm cash.
  • Cashback will take 7-10 days to get credited in your Paytm account.

CreditMantri Referral code : NORY6510NQ

Signup for CreditMantri


Shop101 - Make money online

SHOP101 is India’s only trusted Sellers and Retailers site with over 50 Lakhs sellers & self-made business owners. SHOP101 makes online money-earning an easy task. You will find the latest and most trending products to share in your social groups such as WhatsApp and Facebook, and receive in the comfort of your home while sitting.

Shop101 is now offering to its resellers an intresting referral program. Under this scheme, resellers can gain some extra money simply by using an exclusive referral code to recommend the device to their friends and family.

How to make money online from Shop101

  • First of all, Download App here and sign up
  • After sign up go to earn more and click Refer & Earn
  • You will get referral code. Share your referall code with friends & start earning.
  • You’ll get 20% of sales on first 5 orders, 5% of sales on first 6 month and 1% of sales on 18 months.

Shop101 Referral code : YMT237

Download Shop101


Meesho - Make money online

Meesho is the number one online reselling App. Use Meesho and make extra bucks. Meesho provides you with an opportunity to make money online from home without any investment or technical knowledge. It offers the best deals and offers high profit margin on products.

You can also earn money by Referrring friends. Install Meesho and make money online.

How to make money online from Meesho

  • To start with, Download the App here
  • After installing Open the App
  • Click “Sign up for free”
  • enter your mobile number & continue
  • Choose Language
  • Now click on “No, I know how Meesho works.”
  • “Meesho needs your permission to start”, Click On “continue”
  • Click the option “Account” located in the app’s bottom right corner.
  • Select “Enter Referral Code” option
  • Enter the referral code “UWFKMAI688”
  • Click Submit button.

Meesho Refer and Earn offer

  • Open App
  • Go to Account 
  • Click “Refer & Earn”
  • Copy your Referral Code or share your Referral Link with your friends
  • You’ll get 20% of sales on first 5 orders, 5% of sales on first 6 month and 1% of sales on 18 months.

Meesho Referral code : UWFKMAI688

Download Meesho


First cry - make money online

The FirstCry app is your one-stop baby, child & maternity products shopping solution, and access to expert validated advice & tips, parenting, baby care , child development & more. Download the FirstCry android app for free to deliver everything your baby needs at lightning speed.

FirstCry is now running a very good referral program. It is one of the best ways to make money online. You will get Rs.100 for every successful refferal.

How to make money online from FirstCry

  • First of all visit FirstCry
  • After Sign up you will get Rs 2500 Sign up bonus.
  • Go to your account section & click on refer & earn.
  • Copy your Referral link & share it to friends.
  • Your friends will also get Rs 2500 after they Successfully Sign up with your referral link.
  • You will get Rs 100 when they make their first purchase at FirstCry.

Visit FirstCry

4. Online Tutoring – How to make money online by Tutoring

In this decade, online tutoring is one of the new career options. Being an online tutor, one can opt for it as a part time earning option or as a full time job.

Everyone with a sound knowledge of a subject can become a teacher online. By spending a few hours on online tutoring websites, you can easily make money.

Some websites may need your education and some may require experience. Many websites, however, only require your knowledge and expertise on subject.

So if you’ve come to your mind, here’s the list of some of the best online teacher tutoring sites to make money online by teaching students

5. Affiliate Marketing – How to make money online from Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways online to make money by promoting products or websites to earn a certain percentage as a sales commission. This simply means that money is made from the sale of the product to be promoted. That’s how you can make a profit from affiliate marketing.

By joining their affiliate program you can become affiliate member of any e-commerce site such as Amazon, flipkart. You can then create a link to any product on this website. Once you get the link you can share it on Twitter, WhatsApp party. If somebody wants to buy this product, they will click on the link given and by clicking on that link you will receive some percentage as your commission. It varies from product to product, say 4% to 15%.

It’s easier to sell a product if you have a large audience, such as your blogs or some YouTube channel. You may have different Whatsapp groups, where you can share the link.

Affiliate marketing has a very good future as many businesses will soon adopt it.

List of some sites offering Affiliate Marketing

6. Domain Flipping – How to make money online by Domain Flipping

There are many ways to make money online. One of them is domain flipping, which only requires you to buy and sell domain names.

This business is very popular because it doesn’t require hard work and hard tricks. On the other hand, you ‘re going to make good money, or even big profits.

Most online businesses, such as an affiliation program or an online shop, would be asking for a huge effort. You need to research keywords, design and build a website , create high-quality content, and optimize the SEO.

However, it does not guarantee you to get what you have been expected from the start. The competition is tough and rough when it comes to the internet that can be accessed globally.

In domain flipping business, you will not be bothered with things above. Besides, those things will also waste your time, energy, and money.

You only have to find and buy the correct domain names and then sell them to the right buyer. The price can be 10 to 1000 times higher.

Isn’t that interesting, huh?

If you want to be a good domain flipper, read this article until the last word!

What is Domain Flipping?

Domain Flipping or buy and sell domain names is a business method in which you search and buy domains at a fairly low cost. In the meantime, you can resell it at higher prices to the buyers.

Nearly all people in this world, particularly those who make money from online business, understand the term ‘domain name’ Domain name is a unique name for identifying a server address, such as website or email, that can be accessed via internet connection.

Those who do online business who want to develop their websites to sell their goods or services will probably need a domain name as a place or address where prospective customers can access their goods.

According to Verisign ‘s report in December 2019, more than 362 million domains were registered and 2,4 million of them were registered in the third quarter of 2019. The number is likely to rise from time to time.

Most online businesspeople find it difficult to find the right domain for their company only because others already own it. This condition creates an opportunity to make huge profits from a domain flipping business.

How to make money online from Domain Flipping?

You will find a very good guide and best tips in this article.

You may be worried that this will not be a profitable venture. But first, take a peek at the screenshot below.

2019 Top Domain sales

The picture above is a list of domains that have been sold with the highest price from early 2019 up to December 2019. If you want to see the most up-to – date data and details, you can visit the source directly at

It’s so cool, isn’t it?

The table above shows how profitable the domain names business can be.

There are a lot of domain sellers out there who have been able to make big profits. They sell their domains at a premium price, much premium than the initial price when they purchased the domain.

You need several strategies to get the maximum result. It should start with seeking a good domain, buying it and then finding the right buyers.

Domain flipping business is similar to real estate business. In real estate business, we buy a property in a strategic area that many people want. Then we sell the property to the buyers at a higher price.

This also applies to the practice of buying and selling the domain names. The domain name resembles a strategic internet location. It will be a good place for us to set up the online business, so that customers can easily find it.

Choosing Good Domain Names for Resell

So, what kind of domain will many people buy and get the high price attractive?

Below you can find some tips to pick and purchase domain names to resell which could be very profitable to you.

1. Find short domain names

Most users want and like shorter domain name. If you sell it, it promises also the high price.

Maximum 4 characters

In June 2017 , for example, was sold via Sedo for USD 50,700. domains consisting of 4 letters or typically have a high sale price. This form of domain, particularly in China, is very common.

In 2010 Facebook acquired for an exceptional price of up to USD 8.5 million. Former owner of the domain was the American Farm Bureau Federation.

1 or 2 words

Ali Zandi, a domain flipper business professional, sold for $2 million in May 2017 a one-word domain name called was also sold for USD 2.600 and in October 2017 was sold for USD 20.593.

Even in 2000, was sold for USD 2.75 million an enormous price. It’s awesome, right?

2. Easy to spell and memorable

Do not buy a hard-to-pronounce and spell domain name. Domain names that are easily spellable and rememberable are important to choose.

Just like the real world, the location that is easy to find is a great and strategic place to start your business. Besides that, your shop can easily be found by consumers.

In the online world this term also applies. If you have an easy-to-record domain name, you can easily access a business.

In fact, the owner of the company or internet marketer always want an easy to remember and spell domain name for their sites.

3. Choose brandable domain names

A brandable name is the domain name that sounds like the brand of a particular product or company if you pronounce it.

There are numerous examples of these, such as,, and

To learn more about other examples, visit BrandBucket. There are many brand-able domain names on the website for sale.

Brandable Domain Names - Brandbucket

Many people who just started a business or company with new products are prepared to purchase these domains regardless of the price. It is necessary for the branding of their products.

Use your imagination and creativity to find domain names that are appropriate for a product or company brand.

4. Contains keyword

Almost every web site owner wants to have a domain name with keywords still linked to the topic of his website.

This means that the domain containing certain keywords can be sold at an excellent price.

Furthermore, it will be much easier to sell because you can find the targeted buyer or end-user only in the domain name with the keyword.

What type of keyword for domain flipping would be great?

• has the highest number of searches
• It has high CPCs (cost-per-click) like insurance, mutual funds, properties, hotels, etc.

Try to find the keywords that get high monthly search volume and CPC in the Googles keyword planner.

5. Aged domains that have traffic and good SEO metrics

One of the webmasters’ great and popular SEO strategies is the use of the expired domain with backlinks and traffic.

This method is employed by SEO experts in several ways:

• Use directly for the main site or the money site
• Build PBN linked to the main website later
• Redirect 301, particularly the domain with high traffic expired so that visitors redirected to the money website.

By using domain search tool from FreshDrop you can easily find the aged domains that has traffic and SEO metrics like DA, PA, TF, CF, backlink, etc.

6. Focus on the popular extension like .com

In addition, there are many domains with an extension other than .com that were sold at the high price, more than the standard price.

But, if you’re new to a domain flipping business, you ‘d better focus on extension.

Why? Why?

It’s because extension is undeniably the most popular. Most website owners are looking for it, and, of course, it will be easier to resell it as well.

7. Geographic domains for local business

In recent years, the searching number in search engine with a location-based query is growing very fast on the internet.

For example, “cheap hotels in Miami” or “car rental New York” that each of them has about 27,000 searches per month on Google search engine, according to the Google Keyword Planner.

The hotel owners in Miami will be interested to have a domain name like, or etc.

This thing becomes the main reason of why the geographic domain names are highly preferred and profitable as well.

In 2013, was sold for USD 38,250. Even a long domain name that consists of 24 characters, was sold for USD 42,000 in 2012 via Sedo.

How to Sell Domain Name – How to make money online from Domain Flipping

Now it’s time to resell it to make profit after you purchase and own domains.

It’s not too complicated to sell the domain. To get it sell easily and at a good price, you do need the right plan.

Below, we’ve got some strategies that can be used.

1. Submit your domain names on several marketplace and forums

There are a lot of markets where you can list the domain name you want to sell. Choose a number of trusted markets.

GoDaddy Auction is recommended for your first place. This is one of the most popular internet companies in the world today.

Don’t list your domain names in just one location. It’s better if you’re also listing on other markets.

By that, more prospective buyers will see your domain. It’s a bigger opportunity to sell domain names for more money.

You can try to sell domains at below market places.

  • GoDaddy Auction
  • Sedo
  • Afternic
  • Flippa
  • BrandBucket, for a brand-able domain name

You may also sell the domain in a web site, such as,, and, rather than in marketplaces.

Please do not forget to read and observe the terms and conditions of each marketplace or website. You also need to pay attention to fees and commissions.

2. Do not use WHOIS privacy service

Whois is the domain name information that can be obtained by the public.

In the Whois data, we can see the date of registration, the registry data, as well as the owner’s data such as name, organisation, address, email and phone number.

For whatever reason, many domain owners may mask their records by using the Whois Privacy Service to keep anyone from accessing the owner ‘s data.

This is best not to use the Whois Privacy System when buying and selling domain names. Let others see your contact details.

Why is that? Hiding your contact will decrease your chance of getting a potential buyer.

If someone wants to buy your domain one day, it’s not easy for him or her to find your contact information.

So, don’t make it hard for your prospective buyers. Let the others see your information.

In order to enhance your ability to reach prospective buyers, you can add an additional message like “This domain is for sale” to Whois.

You can put it in the name of the registrant or in the name of the organization. The example is shown below.

Whois domain for sale

This provides a hint that the domain is for sale to those who see the domain whois. And they’ll send you a call or contact you via email if they are interested in your domain name.

3. Create a sales page in the homepage

Often people who wish to purchase a domain type the domain name in the browser to see whether or not the domain is still available.

It is therefore strongly recommended that you post on the website an announcement that the domain can be sold.

You will have to include e-mail and telephone numbers or a link that will take the user to the location where your domain is listed for sale.

Once a user enters your domain address he knows that the domain can be purchased and he immediately contacts you.

A line of “… for sale” is going to be enough. But for the sake of efficiency, you can make a sales page on your homepage.

Besides being professional, you can also add value to the domain to make it more attractive to prospective buyers.

Sales Page for buying and selling domain names

If you master SEO strategies, you can optimize your domain name sales page for the relevant keyword.

Imagine if you have and if you insert the “Hotel in Jakarta” query in the search engine and then your domain appears on the first page.

In addition to getting traffic from the search engine for the keyword search, this will increase the value of your domain price.

Another advantage is that competitors who seek the same keyword will see your domain as it appears on Google Search’s first page.

If they know the domain is available for sale, they are more likely to be interested in buying it. Those competitors may be prospective buyers.

4. Post and promote your domain through social media

Don’t forget to post your domain name on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.

One of the most effective ways to buy and sell domain names is by joining the relevant Facebook Group. You will be able to post your domain names inside the group after you joined the group.

If your domain had good SEO metrics and traffic, you can find the SEO-related Facebook Group such as guest posting, backlink or PBN.

You can get this through a Facebook search. Choose the active group whose group topic has relevant issues.

It is better to learn about each group’s rules thoroughly before posting. Spamming is not recommended, because the admin will block you.

Find Potential End-User Buyers for Your Domain – How to make money online from Domain Flipping

The best and most effective way to flip domains is to find potential buyers for your domain. You can make a direct offer by email or phone later.

This way you can get the highest price, since the potential buyers are an individual, company or organization which uses the domain for their business.

Unlike the marketplace, auction or forum, where most buyers are domainers just like you who want to get domain names to resell.

First of all, you need to make a list of some of your domain’s end-user buyer candidates.

But how is that? Well, we’ve got the steps below.

1. Same domain name with different extension

If you have a domain with extension, e.g., then the domain owner of,,, etc. will be very interested in yours.

Nearly every website owner wants domain extension, because it’s the most common.

But if you have other extensions, you can also offer them to the domain owner with extension. Opportunity will be better if your domain has added value such as high traffic and good SEO metrics.

There is no so unusual chance that an person or a business may still take over their domain with other extensions, even though they already have domain.

For instance, ‘s owner would like to reach the United Kingdom traffic and visitors.

2. Similar or related domain name

If you are the owner of, for example , you can make an offer to the owner of similar domains such as,,, and many more. is the easiest way to use it. You can find the history of sales of domain names, the price and the date by keyword.

 DNPrices domain sales history

3. Google search result

Domain flippers do this the most traditional way.

You need to make the keyword list that applies to your domain. Google Keyword Planner or other similar software can be used.

You can then type the keyword in the search box and voila on Google!

The outcome of the search will reveal multiple websites according to the keyword that you entered. Test one by one, and select which end-user buyers would be suitable.

4. Google Adwords advertisers

This step is similar to the previous one but you will be targeting the advertisers instead of the owner of the websites that show on the search result.

See the picture below.

Sample of Google Adwords Search

Many domain flippers believe that the most likely prospective buyers are advertisers.

When they are willing to spend a great deal of money on ads, they are probably also willing to pay a high price for your domain. Especially if the value of your domain helps to grow their business.

You can find advertisers in other search engines like Bing , Yahoo, etc., and not just Google. Search engine.

After making a list of potential customers of end-users, find contact details by visiting their website or search the data Whois one at a time. You may then make an offer by telephone or email to them.

Remember it’s necessary. It is easier to submit an offer one by one if you want to make an offer directly by email.

If you send it to a large number of people at once, the system will mark your e-mail to be a spam.

Additional Tips of Buying and Selling Domain Names

Estimated price of the domain

It’s best to study the average price before you buy and sell a domain.

This can be achieved by:

• The use of online domain evaluation resources such as Estibot or
• By visiting, compare the prices for other related domains and then enter the correct keyword
• Invite domain forum representatives to estimate their domain. Namepros forum can be attempted.


Never buy a domain name consisting of a trademark. In the future, you will have a serious legal problem.

So, now you know the right steps on how to make great profits by buying and selling domain names or by flipping domain names.

If this is your first time, then a shot is worth it. For now on, the chance will be increased.

7. YouTube – How to make money online on YouTube

Being a YouTube video maker (YT) is a great way to get paid for doing something that you enjoy. Similar to most things in this lifetime, however, your success will depend largely on your willingness to put in the effort , time and commitment needed to turn your YouTube channel into a profitable job.

With a smart video strategy and a dynamic channel, you have the prospect of earning millions of dollars on YouTube. After amassing a viewership and starting the process of becoming a star, amazing things can happen. This will allow you to reach out to individuals with a specific message that is unique to you. In addition, you will be able to become part of a system in which money comes naturally. Below are some specific guidelines on how to make money from YouTube:

How to make money online in YouTube : Setting The Stage On Youtube

Getting started on YouTube doesn’t require the best or most expensive equipment. It’s about the type of camera you own and more about what you do with the camera when you create your own personal brand of content. If you’re short on other alternatives, you can even use your smartphone to create content. However, this requires a reliable setup that is capable of recording good quality videos. The two main foundations of quality are:

1. Image Stabilization

Watching stupid, shaky video footage is no fun for anyone, so you should think about getting a tripod. If your preference is for handheld footage, try using an optical image stabilization lens or a larger lens.

2. Audio

Your viewers want to hear clearly what’s going on in the video. As such, you should be mindful of sounds that could have an impact on audio quality and work to minimize background sounds.

You can always buy better equipment over time. However, if starting a lucrative online career is your goal, it ‘s important to have what’s needed to deliver an enjoyable viewing experience.

How to make money online in YouTube : Make Sure Your Process is Established

You will need to communicate with your audience and constantly upload videos to grow your YT channel. Whether you choose to post content on a daily basis, a few times a week or once every fortnight, your goal should be to set up a reliable schedule. As time passes, you ‘re going to get the knack to perfect your creative process. Now is the time to take note of how you’re moving from conception to content completion for your channel.

How to make money online in YouTube : Be Knowledgeable of Your Brand

Each of your material will certainly have a distinctive edge; yet, your brand’s overall tone and style will remain the same. Getting in-depth knowledge of your brand can help you create content that is more truthful, passionate and authentic. When you’re just starting out, creating and establishing your mark is a critical step. Yet even proven brands may sometimes do with some clarity.

Do an introspection and ask yourself some essential questions about your identity as a brand. What are you, then? What do you mean by your content? What target market are you trying to reach? What are your brand’s trying to achieve? When you’re not familiar with your own brand, so you can’t expect an audience to understand it.

How to make money online in YouTube : Create Valuable Content

It ‘s essential that your audience get value from your content. This has a remarkable bearing on whether your YouTube channel will grow and the opportunities for your subsequent income. Essentially, ‘valuable content’ is used to describe videos which provide an emotional reaction for the viewer. There are many ways in which value creation can happen.

The possibilities include giving your audience something to teach. In this case , the value of content would be that people can learn to do something new or acquire more knowledge. If your content makes the audience laugh; value becomes a sensation of escapism and entertainment in its capacity to provide.

Strive to create valuable content that delivers something your viewers have never experienced before. At the end of the day, only good content will make you a considerable income; being second best YouTube won’t earn you a lot of money.

How to make money online in YouTube : Develop A Youtube Audience

If nobody watches your videos you can’t earn money on YouTube. A committed and loyal community of viewers builds successful channels. Hence, getting discovered and constructing viewership on YT must involve:

1• Checking Your Analytics

YT ‘s offer some useful analytics in your Channel menu. You will be able to identify your audience’s gender , age, time to watch and geographic location. You will also be able to see how many views each video receives, and how viewers discover your videos. You’ll be able to view ad performance and estimated earnings after your channel has been monetized.

These tools help you view the videos that resonate with the audience and those that aren’t. If your videos do not attract the right viewers or the right amount of viewers, you’ll be aware of the steps you need to take to improve your channel.

2• Finding Your Niche

Starting a profitable channel involves sticking to your passions. Success on YouTube is most often realized by creators who create passionate content for a niche group. Determine what your “thing” is; that distinct thing that is unique to your videos. Pour out your heart, be sharp emotionally and create the content you enjoy. Your authentic zeal will be one of the most powerful means of appealing to and growing a devoted audience.

3. Being Engaging

If your goal is to succeed in making money on YT, it is extremely important to connect with the audience on a personal level. This involves building a community and creating higher levels of engagement. The involvement of the audience must not be particularly time-consuming or complicated. You can interact, ask questions, and be as active as you can.

Engaging with your audience will foster long-term growth by creating a community atmosphere for your channel.

4. Being Patient

Creating content to generate revenue on YouTube involves making an upfront investment. You ‘re going to have to devote a lot of energy, time and other resources to creating this content, and in the early stages, it’s highly likely that they won’t do that well. In reality, YT will normally not recognize your channel until you upload approximately 20 videos. A number of individuals fail because they are not dedicated to investing in this type of upfront investment. They want an immediate return, and when the level of commitment required is realized, they simply give up.

How to make money online in YouTube : You have lot of ways to earn money from YouTube

1. Directly from YouTube (Google) Ads

They pay you from $1.5 to $6 per 1,000 viewings depending on the length of the video (15 minute video has more ads than 2 minutes), genre, location, etc. A video with 1,000,000 views can make you (on average) around $2,000.

2. Create your own product and promote it to your audience

It could be a mug, a hoodie, a t-shirt, an eBook, a physical book, etc. Let’s say you have 20,000 subscribers and you have an average of 20,000 per video (in less than 30 days since it was released). Let’s say you make a T-Shirt worth $19, and you have a profit of $10. You ‘re sure to sell at least 100 out of 20,000 views, which will result in $1,000.

3. Affiliate Links

If you take a closer look at people who are reviewing products, you’ll see Amazon’s affiliate links. Amazon gives you about 6 per cent commission on average. And when someone puts an affiliate connection to the new iPhone and the video generates 1,000,000 views, it would sell at least 500 iPhones at $699, then the video will generate you ~$40 x 500 = $20,000.

4. Sponsorships

Brands are willing to pay you from $10 to $30 per 1000 views (depending on your niche, subscriber count, view count, etc.). So, if you have an average of 20,000 views per video, you can make $200 to $600 per sponsorship.

YouTube is a great place to build your own audience. If you can create your own audience, you can monetize it easily. At the outset, every YouTuber should focus on building up its audience instead of thinking about how to monetize as soon as possible. You don’t need to be greedy about YouTube, you need to be patient about it.

8. Freelancing – How to make money online Freelancing

Freelancing is also a great way to make money online, and many people use this way to make money online.

Here you’re going to need some skills, I mean, if you’re an expert in any field, you ‘re going to offer services to different people and work for others and generate revenue. There are a lot of companies on the internet that will provide you with freelancing work, but below is a list of some top websites.


Fiverr is the leading platform for services beginning at just $5. Lots of people buy and sell services (and
Things also) through Fiverr daily.

The services available range from business promotion, social networking and advertising to funny Videos, graphics and translations to name but a few. Those services offered on Fiverr are called “GIGS.” You can find just about everything that you like. People of all backgrounds visit the site worldwide to offer its services and expertise.

To make money on the fiverr, first you need to find out what you can do for $5.

Start selling your service by creating a new gig. You’ll get $4 per sale for every gig you sell, as fiverr takes a 20 % commission.

So, your income is going to be $4 per gig sold.


Upwork is a one of the biggest freelancing platform. Freelancers sign up and create a profile that highlights the skills they got to offer.

Upwork acts as an intermediary between freelancers and clients. It helps them find each other by allowing clients to post job offers and freelancers to submit proposals. When you submit a proposal, you will write a cover letter and may be asked to answer additional questions. Samples of previous work can also be included. If it’s a job that pays for an hour, you ‘re going to bid your hourly rate; if it pays for a project or milestone, you ‘re going to bid your project rate. Then you submit and hope for a reply from the client.

Clients may also invite you to submit a proposal. Guests are likely to get more into play as you gain more experience with Upwork, showcased through reviews from your clients, your job success rate, and your number of hours worked.

On Upwork there are hundreds of positions to choose from in various categories including Online, Mobile & App Dev, Development & Creative, Admin Support, IT & Networking, Publishing, Customer Care, Sales & Advertising, Translation and more.

3. is a platform for customers to post their needs and freelancers can submit bids for these projects. It has built a borderless workplace forum and a freelancers network where everyone can achieve their financial goals. is one of the biggest freelancing sites for buyers and freelancers. It was built to link buyers and sellers in a single location. 

The organization has nearly 44 million registered customers and freelancers, a vast number covering 247 countries, regions and territories worldwide.

Freelancers can use the platform to bid on projects such as web design, graphics design, logo design, data entry, software development, writing, marketing, accounting, and engineering, to name a few. 


Envato Studio is a website for professionals who are searching for short and long term webdesign, Themes Design, Audio Experts, Scripts, animation and video editing projects. Freelancers here upload their services, sample wotk, expected payrolls and testimonies to get a good project. Prospective customers then go through and find the person most suitable for their work.

They have different categories on their marketplace which you can select according to your skills and start making money by sitting at home.


Peopleperhour is a creative network where you can promote and pay for your talents and experience by project or hour.

Clients post jobs and you are allowed to set a quote for your work if the position suits your profile. You can also sell your expertise at a fixed price and can be selected directly by customers.

Categories of jobs include architecture, marketing , social media, the development of software, translation, web creation, writing and more.


Toptal is a platform that matches highly skilled freelancers with start-ups, businesses and organizations-software development, graphic design, finance, project management and product management are the job categories covered.

Toptal is mainly targeted towards clients looking for freelancers, and once you join their freelancers network, you’ll become accessible to a variety of prospective companies, such as Hewlett Packard, Airbnb, Zendesk, and more.

9. Transcription – How to make money online with work from home transcription jobs

If you have a great ear for different accents and are quick to type, then transcription is one of the ways to make money online. Transcription basically involve translating the spoken words into written form.

Transcriptionists will make money transcribing anything from legal depositions to YouTube videos online. Organizations in the legal, medical, media, and entertainment sectors routinely employ transcriptionists to turn their digital copy into written documents. The goal is to provide their content in a variety of formats so it can be used in a variety of ways.

The only investment you’ll need when you start out as a beginner is a laptop or tablet, and strong head sets. When you step into a professional transcriptionist and depending on the transcription company you are working with, you can need to get a high-quality foot pedal for your feet to monitor audio playback; along with the popular Express Scribe transcription software.

You can find work from home transcription jobs at given below websites

10. Drop Shipping – How to make money with an online drop shipping business

Dropshipping is a business model with no inventories. It basically includes you, the seller that sells to front-end clients but does not keep any real physical inventory. Once a customer places an order, the information is passed on to the manufacturer, who then sends the shipping with your labels directly to the customer.

Therefore, you are responsible for marketing and customer communication only. Your manufacturers hand in distribution and storage.

This online distribution model gives you the benefit of low start-up costs , higher cash flows and better supply chain management.

You just need a good Internet, a working laptop, a great supplier and obviously demand for what you sell with the dropshipping model.

I highly recommend Shopify to be the best place to start as a Dropshipper.